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Kitchenaid Classic Mandoline Slicer Red (More)

Price: $34.61


Price: $42.78

Kitchenaid Classic Mezzaluna and Sheath Red (More)

Price: $30.19

KitchenAid Mandoline Slicer Set - Black (More)

Price: $84.89

KitchenAid Stainless Steel V-Slicer - Black (More)

Price: $22.99

KitchenAid Tangerine Orange Egg and Mushroom Slicer (More)

Price: $21.99

KitchenAid Professional Egg Slicer Red (More)

Price: $39.99

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Julienne Vegetable Slicer- Ideal for making Zucchini Noodles! Mandoline Peeler with Stainless Steel Blades designed to Spiral Perfect Vegetable Pasta. Enjoy Healthy eating with this easy to Use/Clean

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